Having danced all her life, Vee recently discovered how integral health and food was to sustaining a strong body and mind. After her own success at healing her own body she began her journey in Naturopathy, qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist and a Vegan Chef (College of  Naturopathic Medicine).

Vee hosts holistic and spiritual retreats for women (Nature's Magick Retreats) where she builds therapeutic vegan menus, cooks and teaches her students on how to apply such principles to enhance their own health. 

Vee is also a Pole Dance instructor and a qualified Choreographer, running her own dance school (Exotique Dance School) where she teaches sensual awakening through dance and stretching. Vee has almost 15 years experience in exotic pole dancing and over 25 in other types of dancing such as modern ballet, street dance, traditional Bulgarian folklore dance, and gymnastics.

Vee has combined her passion for nutrition, dance and spirituality to create a safe platform for women to be empowered and learn to embrace their femininity. She teaches body awareness, self-love and the importance of food to strengthen our physical and emotional well-being. 


Vegan Chef

Nutritional Therapist

Pole Dance Instructor





Inese is a big believer in Mother Nature’s healing powers and loves using food as medicine. 
She has been consistently expanding her knowledge in plant-based cuisine throughout her studies at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and work experience in London’s vegan cafés and restaurants. Her appreciation and passion for natural foods and foraging stems from her family who, having lived by the Baltic seaside and later in the Latvian countryside, have always grown their own fruit and veg and benefit from nature’s abundance by picking mushrooms and berries in the forests and herbs and flowers in the meadows. Inese combines this ancestral wisdom and modern kitchen witchery to create inspiring balanced menus that are highly nutritious and delicious, bursting with life and flavours, made from whole foods that heal the body, mind and spirit.

Vegan Chef


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Elizabeth does mindset training both using meditation and hypnotherapy. She loves to share simple, practical tips that can make all the difference to how we feel and think. She is also committed to putting mental wellbeing into the wider context of holistic health. 


Mindfulness Coach



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